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World's Oddest Animal Couples

In this two part series for Animal Planet,  animal biologist  Dr Carin Bondar, gets up close  and personal with some of the most unusual animal odd couples in the world.  She travels the globe to in search of these extraordinary relationships and investigates why such odd couples sometimes pair up.  She also finds out about the  unique bonds some  people  and animals have with each other, from the relationship between Rocky the penguin  and the woman who looks after him,  to  Malan, a 5 year old boy and Skylar, an adult Cheetah.  Carin also uncovers some extraordinary relationships that exist between the most unlikely animal couples, from an elephant who is the leader of a herd of buffalo, to a Jackal who looks after an ageing whippet.

Millions of us watch Youtube clips of different species of animals showing friendship, genuine affection and maybe even love towards each other. Some of these guys are more likely to eat each other for lunch than hang out together. But against all odds they’ve formed unbreakable bonds that challenge everything we thought we knew about the animal kingdom.

With the help of the world’s top animal behaviour experts, Carin will discover why these bizarre bonds have formed and, in some cases, lasted for generations.

2 x 60min   |   Animal Planet

| Executive producers - Alice Keens-Soper and Michael Massey

| Distribution - Digital Rights group

| Credit - Oxford Scientific films

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