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Richard Hammond's Miracles of Nature

3 x 60 min   |  BBC One

| Executive producers - Alice Keens-Soper

| Credit - Oxford Scientific Films / Terra Mater /  Hamster's Wheel 

| Distribution - Terra Mater Factual Studios

This three-part series for BBC One follows Richard Hammond as he investigates the extraordinary super-powers of the animal kingdom and finds out how a multitude of amazing creatures are inspiring inventions at the very forefront of science.

The series, uses cutting edge camera technology to explore how nature inspires human innovations. It features stunning footage which highlights how animals from all corners of the earth inspire engineering solutions for the modern world. The series showcase amazing stunts to demonstrate the ways in which engineers are putting the lessons learned from wildlife into practice. For example, Hammond launches himself from a cliff to soar with vultures using hot air thermals, before descending into the sea in a submarine that uses the same principles of propulsion. He examines woodpeckers that have four-layered skulls to protect their brains from the huge g-forces resulting from pounding their beaks into trees, before seeing if he can use the same system to prevent a light bulb dropped from 18,000 feet from smashing.


Hammond will also head deep underground to discover innovative methods of communication that miners are adopting, based on the behaviour of elephants that can ‘talk’ to each other from several miles apart via low-frequency sound signals.


The Guardian

“Perfectly entertaining”

The Times

“A science show with an action-movie soundtrack, stunts and locations”

The Observer

“An excellent new natural history series….well explained, superbly photographed and consistently interesting. Worth watching alone to see a test pilot doing a Rubik’s cube at 9G”

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