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Animals In Love

2 x 60 min   |  BBC One

| Executive producers - Alice Keens-Soper and Jane Aldous

| Credit - Oxford Scientific Films 

| Distribution - BBC Worldwide

In this fascinating and thought provoking new series, animal biologist Liz Bonnin discovers how animals meet, mate and in some cases form lifelong relationships.   We follow Liz on an around the world journey of discovery to unpack the latest science which is revealing some remarkable animal relationships. Along the way she will find out just how much we humans have in common with the rest of the animal kingdom and attempt to answer one of the most controversial questions there is – do animals feel love.

In episode one Liz discovers some of the deep bonds that animals have with each other. She meets Bonobos who think the secret of successful family life is laughter and Cotton Top Tamarins, where the Dads do  far more than their fair share when it comes to bringing up the kids. But there is far more to animal relationships than just raising young, as Liz discovers when she meets two elephants who formed a lifelong friendship after a major trauma and a pair of male penguins who have been together for 10 years.  Finally she asks if grief is a price we all pay for love, when she meets a Gibbon called Sam who lost his life time mate after 13 years…

In episode two, Liz discovers how animals get together in the first place. Amongst other things, she finds just how one troop of capuchin monkeys have developed a brand new flirting technique to catch the eye of the man of their dreams. She sees some creatures in Florida who, with a 150 million years of dating experience, have found the perfect love song and she meets an orang-utan called Mari, who despite her tragic start in life, finally found happiness, when she chose her partner in a very 21st century way.

Featuring interviews with top animal behaviourists, and some remarkable footage, Animals in Love reveals the surprising science behind some of the animal kingdoms greatest love stories.


Radio Times

“ A joyous film” 

The Sunday Times

“ A convincing challenge to the idea that humans have the monopoly on love”

Daily mail

“ In one adorable clip, Liz tickled a laughing, gasping baby bonobo until he squealed for mercy”

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