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Animal Mums

Mums, are perhaps the most remarkable creatures on earth. After all they have a very important job to do; giving birth, nurturing, feeding, teaching, protecting and dishing out discipline to often unruly offspring…and all in conditions that would test the resolve of almost any mother.

In this three part series, we’ll meet the mums who rule the roost in the animal world and reveal the amazing, and often surprising ways they manage to cope. From giving birth alone and the importance of bonding in the minutes that follow to making sure their offspring are fully equipped to survive in a world where at any moment, they could become someone else’s dinner.  No job is more important or as we’ll see, rewarding.

3 x 60min   |   ITV One

| Executive producers - Caroline Hawkins & Alice Keens-Soper

| Distribution - BBC Worldwide

| Credit - Oxford Scientific films

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