• Duration:
    1 x 1 hour
  • Broadcaster:
    Channel 4
  • Executive Producer:
    Alice Keens-Soper for OSF & Martin Meszaros for Terra Mater
  • Distribution:
    Terra Mater Factual Studios
  • Credit:
    Oxford Scientific Films / Terra Mater Factual Studios

For centuries Stonehenge has remained an enigma, attracting countless fanciful theories to explain its mysterious origins. Recently, world-renowned archaeologist Professor Mike Parker-Pearson and his team have recovered the 5000 year old ancient bodies buried under Stones and have been given exclusive access to analyse them. This film follows Mike and his team in their quest to unlock the secrets hidden in the bones – shedding new light on the world’s greatest prehistoric puzzle.


Winner – Silver World Medal (History & Society). New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards 2014

Winner – Televised Documentary and Performance Division. CINE Golden Eagle Awards 2013

“It’s rare that you can ever describe the science of old bones as thrilling but this programme came close.” Matt Baylis, Daily Express

“a fascinating documentary…” The Guardian

“Jim Carter’s sonorous narration imbues this documentary about stones and bones with revelatory significance.” Sunday Times


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