• Duration:
    1 x 1 hour
  • Broadcaster:
    Channel 4
  • Executive Producer:
    Alice Keens-Soper
  • Distribution:
    Channel 4

An investigation into the horrific and terrifying phenomen of children stigmatised as witches in Nigeria.

In the River Delta region of Nigeria, countless children are being beaten, tortured and abandoned by frightened parents and communities. These children have been branded as ‘witches’ by corrupt local preachers who terrify villagers into believing that their children are possessed by witchcraft, preying on their fears that these children will bring them death, accident and disease. Villagers are forced to pay huge sums of money for their children to be ‘exorcised’ by these pastors, but these young children often end up wandering the countryside, abandoned and alone. This film investigates the roots of the terrifying epidemic of Africa’s Child Witches, and identifies those individuals and churches believed to be behind this disturbing recent phenomenon.

BAFTA: Winner – Best current affairs film 2009

“This disturbing report will leave you shaken to the bone” The Daily Mirror

“This was one of those programmes that you don’t feel like reviewing: you just want to hand out DVDs of it to everyone in sight” The Telegraph

“A shocking but important documentary” The Observer

“Jaw dropping… A powerful piece of programming and an unforgettable story” Time Out

“This film highlights a horrific situation few of us know about – yet should” Five stars – Mail on Sunday

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