• Duration:
    4 x 1 hour
  • Broadcaster:
    Channel 5 & The History Channel
  • Executive Producer:
    Alice Keens-Soper
  • Distribution:
    DCD Rights

Rory McGrath and archaeologist Paul Blinkhorn dig beneath the nation’s oldest alehouses to reveal hundreds of years of British History. With their team of experts and noisy excavator machines, they dig up our favourite beer gardens and pub car parks to reveal the juiciest stories from our past. No bone, stone or ale is un-investigated in their tireless search for what makes Britain tick. But they’re not just on a drunken jolly; pubs are often the oldest buildings in our cities and towns and they sit on undisturbed vaults of archaeological treasure. And, being pubs, the sites themselves conceal the evidence of centuries of carousing, violence, revolutionary plots and a vast array of dirty deeds – the juicy bits of British history.

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