• Duration:
    3 x 1 hour
  • Broadcaster:
    ITV One
  • Executive Producer:
    Alice Keens-Soper
  • Distribution:
    TwoFour Rights
  • Credit:
    Oxford Scientific Films

Since moving to the countryside, Britain’s most beloved camp comedian Julian Clary has become passionate about nature. In a brand new adventure, he goes in search of Britain’s most fanatical wildlife lovers, affectionately referred to as his ‘Nature Nuts’.

Julian travels all over the UK, discovering an extraordinary range of nature fans obsessed by the creatures in their backyards and beyond.  Julian and his expert film crew, boasting some of the UK’s most talented natural history cameramen and women, play fairy godmother to our Nature Nuts by capturing sight of their favourite creatures in ways they’ve never seen before.

With some of the best new technology including starlight, high speed, mini aerial and underwater cameras, the Nature Nuts are given once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch their favourite animals in their natural habitat.

Jam-packed with Julian’s trademark humour, Nature Nuts is full of great characters and fantastic wildlife footage.  Each week Julian meets four Nature Nuts and finds out about four species of wonderful wildlife in Britain.


“Clary – an especially entertaining person – squeezes in a lot of gags and pleasure-mockery alongside some genuine enthusiasm for nature” -

“He comes bearing gifts – camera equipment, experts from London. Julian Clary is the nuts’ fairy godmother, too. Gorgeous” -

“Is there a new late entry in the race to succeed David Attenborough’s TV natural history crown?” The Guardian

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