• Duration:
    1 x 30 min
  • Broadcaster:
    BBC One
  • Executive Producer:
    Caroline Hawkins & Alice Keens-Soper

How to Beat Pain is an entertaining one-off health show presented by two of the nation’s top health professionals, Dr Jack Kreindler and Professor Greg Whyte from the Centre for Health and Human Performance based in Harley Street. Jack and Greg show us how to take charge of the most common causes of pain, from back pain to osteoarthritis, but unlike other health shows which can be a bit, well… depressing, this show is mischievous and funny as well as being packed with valuable take-home information. The idea behind it is that pain affects us all, but it’s invisible making it difficult to really understand, so our medic and scientist inflict pain on each other in a series of unusual experiments to show us what causes pain, and how to beat it! Tackling the causes of pain, together Jack and Greg make their patients fitter, stronger, and healthier. It’s elite medicine, for everyone.

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