• Duration:
    6 x 1 hour
  • Broadcaster:
    Sky One
  • Executive Producer:
    Caroline Hawkins for OSF and Melanie Darleston for Group M Entertainment
  • Distribution:
    Sky Vision
  • Credit:
    Oxford Scientific Films and Group M Entertainment

DOGS MIGHT FLY (6×60′) presented by Jamie Theakston will make even the most devoted dog lovers see their pets in a whole new light; proving that dogs have distinct personalities and incredible levels of intelligence.

 A nationwide search for dogs from rescue centres finds twelve of Britain’s most extraordinary canine characters bursting with potential. A team of experts and trainers examine their skills in communication, empathy, memory and reasoning before tasking them with some breathtaking challenges. The top three go forward to Flight School where under the stewardship of New Zealand Driving Dogs Star Mark Vette they train for a world first – could one of them really fly an aeroplane?


Dogs Might Fly is the best TV programme ever. GQ


Watch an actual clip of an actual dog flying an actual plane. Life is not going to get better than thisDigital Spy 

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