• Duration:
    1 Hour
  • Broadcaster:
  • Exec Producer:
    Caroline Hawkins
  • Distribution:
    ITV Studios Global Distribution
  • Credit:
    Oxford Scientific Films for the BBC

Billy Whizz follows the remarkable story of Billy Monger, one of Britain’s most exciting young racing drivers, who in 2017 at the age of just 17 was involved in a devastating crash, resulting in the loss of both of his legs. Incredibly, soon after his accident, Billy resolved to get back to racing, in the hope of becoming the first ever amputee to race competitively in a single-seat racing car.

This film follows the extraordinary story of Billy and his family, as he pursues his ultimate dream to race in Formula One. With the support of the motorsport community and his hero, Lewis Hamilton, Billy will have to change the rules of international motor racing and learn to drive again without legs, whilst coming to terms with life as a disabled person – a term Billy is reluctant to accept. This heart-warming and inspirational story is about the incredible will of one young man; but also the extraordinary support his family provides during the toughest time of their lives.

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